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View of St Louis from the Popular bridge.

The Directory Of St Louis is an innovated local search directory which thrives to cater to the needs of the local business and the local community. We are individually owned and operated which allows use to be personally involved with the local business and community.


This allows our site to give that personal touch to individual business and listen to what the community wants from a local search directory. Our Local Blog is were business can talk more about what they have to offer to the local consumers and the local consumers can comment back.


We also encourage anyone in our local community to post on our blog as an author and talk about the St Louis area. For more information visit our Write For Us page.


Coming soon there will be a social site the local business and community can join and create their own communities for their business, charities, families or join in the larger community for St Louis.

6900 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63130
From the very beginning, we wanted to keep things simple. We wanted to provide the most personalized service available, so our clients could stay...
(Clicks: 1)   Listing added: Jul 5, 2017
Tags: home care