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About Us

The Directory Of St Louis is about connecting the local business with the local community. In the same thought The Directory  will bring the local community closer the local business. We are putting together a social directory site that will benefit both the local business and the local community.

By creating a site which serves the local community and the local business it will become a social hub with business listings, local events calender, local business coupons and free local classified ads for the community. Once the directory releases the social site similar to a facebook or a myspace site, most people will not have to go surfing to find out about the local area.

The owner of the Directory of St Louis is dedicated to bringing the site up to a standard you will not find any were else on the web for local information about the city of St Louis. We also are asking the local business and the local communiy to write on our directory blog. With this in mind the directory of St Louis is looking to make the site a home grown site with many local people and local business contributing to bring the local community closer together. With the many services we will be bringing on board to this site, we are looking forward to help each other grow the local economy and the local search results for the community.


To find out more about the owner of the directory see the about page on the directory blog.