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Do you like to write? Are you a journalist wanting some popularity or reconition?

Our directory blog has an open offer for you to write about theArch River Front St Louis area. We like to see our community members talk about what they like about the area. Maybe you want share some thoughts about cool spots to visit. It may be about a bar or pup, a resturaunt or a shopping mall.  You could even do reviews about a business you like or a place you like to visit often in the metro area.

No matter if you are a proffesional writer, an amateur writer, or a college student writer - we are looking for your contribution  to this great city of St Louis. There are so many topics and sites to see it is hard for one writer to cover it all. I know our readers would be happy to read new styles from many authors to make the blog have a broader appeal to the readers of the St Louis area or across the net.


If you love the St Louis area than why not write about it?

  • There are sports teams - local schools, colleges and proffessional teams to write about.
  • There are tons of great resturants and bar & grill places to write about.
  • You can even write about politics or about people who deserve reconition for helping the community.


Our blog has an authors bio box at the bottom of each post. The author bio box will allow you to links to your website, social sites or any other site that helps with your exposure as an author. We just ask that what ever you link to it is "G" rated and doesn't have links or ads all over it with small amount of content. We like to see a content based website or social site, with a normal amount of ads so we can approve you to write on our blog.

We also encourage the business owners to get invovled with posting at least once a month about their business. Owners can write about the passions they have for what they sell at their store or  if your business involves a service, you can give tips about the "how tos" of there service. This can be done by either becoming an author at our blog or by submitting them to our Contact Us form.

Some other Categories you may write about:

  • News - Politics (local - national - world)
  • News - Sports (any local sports)
  • News - Community stories
  • Lifestyles
  • Civic & Community
  • Entertainment
  • Charity Events
  • Local Events

To write for us - you must Contact Us for an interview before registering on our blog. We want to make sure you have what it takes to be a honest writier and send the message about what our site is about. Conneting to the local community and wanting to share what our great city has to offer others.

Once we have this conversation and get you registered at our blog, our staff will review all of your work until we see you have the right writing style for our site. Once you make it through our grace period your post will not be held back for review. But we will still monitor your writing style and reserve the right to pull your permissions from our site. All content you submit to our site will be considered the property of the Directory of St Louis website.